Editing services

“Jo is a fast and concise editor, who provides useful and sophisticated editorial suggestions. Good instincts, an eye for detail, and a knowledge of genre fiction make for an outstanding freelancer.”

Kim Wilkins

I work primarily in genre fiction (fantasy, science-fiction, romance, women’s fiction etc), in all lengths from short story to epic novel. I’m available to work with both individual writers and publishing organisations.

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Editing Types

Structural editing

The structural edit is the first step in editing your story — I’ll examine your manuscript and create a detailed report analysing your plot, characterisation, pacing, continuity, structure, language; just about any of the top-level problems we can fix in a rewrite.

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Copy Editing

Copy- or line-editing is the middle step — once you have your final draft of the manuscript, I’ll go through it page-by-page, suggesting corrections for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and flow. When that’s done, you’ll receive your manuscript back with the changes made, and it’s up to you to accept or reject each change.


Proofing is the final step before submission or publication —  once the story is as polished as it can be, I’ll take one final look at it reading very closely to check for any spelling, grammar, or formatting errors that we may have missed.


Every manuscript is different, and every author is looking for something different in their feedback. To make sure I’m giving you the best rate possible, while ensuring that I have the time to dedicate to your work, I’ll ask to see some excerpts of the manuscript, and then I’ll give you a quote based on estimated time.